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A specialty store with the latest in sleep innovation, SleepFab offers a diverse range of pillows, protectors, cushions and all that is needed for a restful sleep. Whether you need a pillow to help you relieve your morning stiffness or neck pain, to cuddle and hug, or a pillow for your child, you can find it here. As sleeping comfortably is a very personal thing our products are customized for all individuals. With ongoing research  in specialty bedding, we keep adding the most demanded products making  it our priority to let you sleep fabulously. SleepFab products are backed with the knowledge, expertise and technology to make the dream of having a fabulous, relaxing, good night's sleep a reality.

Good quality sleep is essential not only for the spinal health but for overall wellbeing.

As this company is endorsed by doctors, we better understand the aspects of the health issues arising from improper and inadequate sleep. All our products offer unparalleled support as ergonomics and luxury are perfectly blended.


Our home is our sanctuary and we constantly strive to protect ourselves from the dust, pollution and germs that are present exterrnally. It is a misconception that our homes are safer than the environment outside. However our thick curtains, heavy carpets and closed doors provide a potential breeding ground for germs.

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The fact that premium hotels in the Middle East are using the SleepFab line for their best rooms and presidential suites speaks for itself. At SleepFab we specialize in supplying a complete range of mattress and pillow protectors, encasements and luxurious pillows for the hospitality sector

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Allergies in students living in dorm rooms are very common, specially In the first one or two years .The used mattress from previous students, carpets ,piles of clothes ,books ,papers . infrequent cleaning leads to a build up of allergens. The room sharing and overstuffed small room predisposes the students to the allergies

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As the bedding in a hospital needs to be cleaned thoroughly after each patient, the cost of the maintenance becomes too much. Washable range of mattresses and pillows is an economical solution. Mattress pads are specifically designed for hospitals and are lightweight, washable and quick to dry

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We take sleep very seriously as we better understand the aspects of the health issues which can arise from improper and inadequate sleep. Each of our product offers unparalleled support as ergonomics and luxury are perfectly blended.


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