Products - Memory Foam Pillows

SleepFab memory pillows cradle your head and neck, providing maximum comfort, support and style relaxing the back and neck muscles to drift you  to a rejuvenating sleep. Choose from our extensive range, a pillow of your dreams!  SleepFab memory foam pillow range is specially designed to  relieve pain, stiffness, snoring and other sleep  problems. They are affordable, attractive, and  improve the quality of sleep. Being naturally hypoallergenic our pillows are beneficial for people with allergies  All the pillows have a removable zippered cover


Pregnancy Pillow

AED 550($148)

Nunu Pillow

AED 88($24)

Symphonee Pillow

AED 240($63)

Kids Premium Pillow

AED 130($34)

Contour Pillow

AED 180($47)

Body Pillow

AED 420($110)